Original Reman

Sustainability meets performance.
Cost-efficient parts that are exactly as efficient as a Brand new unit. The remanufactured product get tested and provided with a full warranty.

Why Original Reman?

Choosing Original Reman means enjoying full confidence that the components are engineered specifically for FPT Industrial engines, cutting down risk, boosting mechanical reliability and trusting component certification. Original remanufacturing allows you to save money and benefit from a unique value for money.

Cost-efficiency ensuring same or better performance
Low total cost of ownership
Best-in-class 2-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind
No compromise on quality
Sustainable process for a circular economy

You gain the same quality.

Remanufacturing starts with the complete analysis and disassemblying of the engine. Each component is then carefully inspected and thoroughly cleaned using diverse mechanical and chemical methods. In the assembly stage, highly skilled technicians integrate new components to ensure every single customer gets all the most recent improvements and to guarantee the full certification of the original regeneration. That is the process behind Original Reman. 
Regeneration: the sustainable choice.

The Original Reman world is about people and values. We tell through those who work in it, the world of remanufacturing, and the commitment to sustainability and reuse of resources, goal zero waste. The steps in this process are complex and delicate, so they are carried out with meticulous precision by experienced technicians. Watch the video and learn more about the world of Original Reman.


By adhering to the ideal circular flow of the remanufacturing process, Original Reman helps to save the environment, keeping used components out of landfills and offering cost-effective parts that are environmentally sustainable.