Imagine entering one of the world’s most beautiful recording studios, immersed in silence and nature, and then imagine a legendary music composer collaborating with a global leader in powertrain technology. What could possibly happen?

Only a few lucky people have ever had the opportunity to see Giorgio Moroder in action and go behind the scenes of the greatest musical productions of the last 40 years. That is why we at FPT Industrial felt privileged to enter the fascinating world of the 3-time Oscar winning Italian composer. He let us discover the making of Preludio, our new “Sound of the Future” that will be featured as a component inside the next generation of sustainable and silent engines.

When we decided to challenge Giorgio with this world-premiere project, he immediately asked to spend some time in our Research & Development Center in Arbon (watch the video here: ) to meet and brainstorm with our engineers. Well known for his unique attitude to experimentation and his meticulous attention to detail, it was a crucial moment in this legendary artist’s search for inspiration.

“We need more than silence for the engines of the future. Without sound, we would not enjoy the on-board experience as we do. And we need more than just a sound: we need music actually!” said Giorgio in Arbon. And this is how the idea of Preludio began to take shape.

During the in-studio interview for FPT Industrial, Giorgio exclusively played us some of his greatest successes on the piano to show us how he usually begins his creative process. He always looks first at finding the perfect musical theme, a melody capable of representing an idea, a feeling and a story. In this case, FPT’s Preludio sound. Giorgio also explained how he works on arrangements: his iconic synthesizers and classical instruments are beautifully programmed (oppure tuned) to give to our signature sound a unique identity, capable of conveying a sense of power, safety and an innovative and sustainable performance.

The Preludio will also become a 4-minute single that will be published by Giorgio Moroder and FPT Industrial, digitally distributed via a special project in collaboration with Spotify. The final version of FPT’s Sound of the Future will be released on January 8th in a special event at the upcoming CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the world’s most important trade show for consumer electronics. We simply can’t wait to be there: we’re sure that when you listen to Preludio for the first time, you’ll feel love.