Everything began on April 8that a special event in Munich when FPT Industrial and Giorgio Moroder premiered their official collaboration for a truly groundbreaking solution in the powertrain sector. A very special project for the motor industry, unprecedented in terms of sound: the legendary producer and 3-time Oscar winner will create an original, new sound identity for our next generation engines.

Through the development of alternative fuels and electric powertrain solutions, the automotive industry is evolving towards a “silent future”. FPT Industrial has decided to “fill this void” by bringing on board one of the most innovative musical artists of all time, Giorgio Moroder. Without his outstanding contribution, electronic music as we know it would probably sound very different today. One of the most distinctive characteristics of his incredible career is his unwavering capacity to pioneer ‘timeless solutions’ and he couldn’t pass up on a challenge as unique as ours.

And the real impact of this project? Safety, performance feedback, onboard driving experience, and much more besides.

The Brand has just unveiled a part of the immense process in the making of this project: the first episode of a special docuseries detailing what goes on behind the scenes. Giorgio Moroder visited our R&D Center in Arbon, Switzerland to witness first-hand the latest evolutions in our next generation of engines. There, he teamed up with Annalisa Stupenengo, FPT Industrial Brand President, and our select Innovation Team of engineers to be inspired by their vision of the future.

Next up, we will get to see Giorgio in action in his recording studio: a front row seat as he works on this challenging project. The first public release of the sound is scheduled for early 2020, when we will all discover the Preludio: a signature “welcome sound” that will soon be integrated into the key-on experience of more than 600.000 engines that FPT Industrial produces every year. But brace yourselves: much more is on its way!

Giorgio Moroder’s creation is destined to become uniquely familiar to millions of drivers, inspiring a new human-machine experience in vehicles for decades to come. Watch the first episode of “The Sound of the Future” docuseries and stay tuned to find out more.