Turin, 18 September, 2020

The partnership between FPT Industrial and Aprilia Racing Team, which began last July, is spotlighted in a double interview with representatives of the two brands, who are united by a passion for racing, speed and engine performance, as well as profound commitment to the technological pursuit of excellence.
The journalist, anchorman, and iconic MotoGP commentator Guido Meda will conduct the interviews with Paolo Bonora, Aprilia Racing MotoGP manager, and Alessandro Mazza, Marine Engine and Power Generation Engineering manager for FPT Industrial. The two technical experts will reveal the numerous ins and outs of the powertrain sector and will demonstrate how two worlds that seem distant - that of engines racing on MotoGP circuits and industrial engines equipping boats or tractors - have in fact, a lot in common.
“Through the insights from my two interviewees, I was able to discover that these two environments are quite similar. It is always exciting to compare two people and two worlds who consistently push hard to be the first to reach the finish line, develop a brilliant idea, or achieve excellence,” commented Guido Meda.
This unmissable interview will take place on the 21st of September at 11 a.m. CET on the FPT WEBCAST platform available at this link. This new digital platform was created to give the public, motor enthusiasts, dealers and customers, the opportunity to meet in a new and safe way and to share information, ideas, and passion in the new digital normal.
"Power to connect" is the slogan chosen by FPT Industrial to summarize the intentions and potential of the webcast platform, which will host very different events that are, nonetheless, united by a passion for engines, sustainability, and power. The FPT WEBCAST, which has been developed to guarantee immediate and user-friendly usability - is the ideal "location" where live events, innovation talks, webinars, virtual tours, and podcasts will be available and will target different audiences, such as OEM producers, dealers, end customers, journalists, and employees. The platform does not require you to download any application and is accessible from both PC and mobile devices.
The intent is to enrich communication and interaction between people, by adapting to recent changes and provide each participant with the opportunity to be not only a spectator but also a player. With this project, the brand further values its communication strategy and reaffirms its focus on the digital sphere, in a historic moment where communication and live events have undergone a paradigm shift.