Stage IV / Tier 4B Compact HI-eSCR

FPT Industrial engines for light agricultural and construction equipment power rating Stage IV / Tier 4B emission levels with our exclusive COMPACT HI-eSCR system.

Light machinery is characterized by multiple users and a comparatively low yearly usage, and requires compact size together with easy use, maintenance, and trasportability. Product cost is also one of the most important factors of choice.

To comply with all these demands, we have developed the COMPACT HI-eSCR solution, that integrates our high-efficiency SCR after-treatment (95-98% NOx reduction rate versus 80-85% of competitors’ average) with a low EGR rate (about 10% versus 20% of competitors’ average).

COMPACT HI-eSCR is the most suitable Stage IV / Tier 4B solution for small equipment, providing volume optimization, best-in-class NOx reduction and the right balance between fuel and Urea consumption.


Optimized combustion reduces fuel consumption and particulate generation, therefore lowering emissions without efficiency loss. Excellent transient response also maximizes productivity.


COMPACT HI-eSCR is a maintenance-free, “fit&forget” solution that provides top-class vehicle uptime. Low PM rate makes DPF unnecessary, and this widens engine application range – since it eliminates active regeneration temperature peaks and the consequent danger of fire. Low wear and long maintenance intervals (up to 600 hours, depending on the mission) also reduce operating costs.


HI-eSCR is a breakthrough FPT Industrial technology (based on more than 10 years experience in the SCR field) whose reliability is demonstrated by over 650,000 units produced to date. The absence of DPF makes the system simple, also minimizing technical stops and improving durability.


COMPACT HI-eSCR offers a 20% size reduction of the after-treatment system and Urea tank – which is decisive in space-constrained installations.