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 Sport events and Powerboat racing | FPT Industrial
In FPT Industrial, dynamism and technology are represented by the participation into many boat competitions, where boats powered by the Company propellers gained prestigious awards. 
FPT Industrial engines taking part during the last years in the  offshore competitions inherit the great Aifo and  Iveco Motors’ tradition in the sector where these two companies reached momentous successes during the 80s’.
The return into the boat competitions world in 2008 corresponds with FPT triumph at Round Britain with Blue FPT and with Red FPT at the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes. The boats were respectively equipped with the series engines N60 480 and with the N67 450 EVO overpowered up to 600 HP.
In 2010 RED FPT, fitted with four FPT N67 HP turbodiesels, won the U.I.M. Marathon World Cup (speed and durability races), and the Harmsworth Trophy, the world’s oldest (began 1903) powerboat trophy; the boat won as well the 178-mile Cowes-Torquay-Cowes in which 30 boats with crews from 8 different countries participated.
These engines were developed by the engineers working in the boat sector at Pregnana Milanese; they also provided support during the races.


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