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 Mission and values of the industrial engines sector | FPT Industrial
FPT Industrial is one of the leading world players in engines, axles and transmissions for the Industrial sector. These extraordinary results are the outcome of the work and commitment of each of us and our sharing of fundamental values which have become part and parcel of our everyday lives.
Everyday lives that are marked by passion for our work. The passion to create a new product, see it being born, reach the market and prove to be the best, interact with customers, take on board their needs and respond to them in advance. The passion to make products that can save other people’s lives, as when one of our engines equips a rescue boat or an ambulance, or when they are fitted to vehicles that contribute to the growth of the country.
To be able to guarantee all this we demand the maximum quality, not only in the production process but throughout the life of the product. From design, to assembly, to delivery, to maintenance and if necessary regeneration. Quality is a constant process and depends mainly on the people who work for the company. This is why, constantly and at a global level, we communicate a culture of constant improvement through the integrated management of know-how and specific training processes in instruments such as problem solving.
A basic factor in the success of a company like ours is the development of innovative solutions. These solutions can represent the difference compared to our competitors and enable us to achieve and maintain positions of leadership on the global market. The ongoing ability to innovate is our source of energy. Developing innovative solutions for the engines of tomorrow is not only a competitive weapon but the concrete strategy for being a true game changer, acknowledged by the market as such, reliable and credible.
Trustworthiness is decisive for transmitting our way of being with respect to stakeholders. To announce our potential or performance is not enough to inspire confidence; credibility must be built up with the work we do every day: respecting commitments made with customers, pursuing with determination the objectives set with respect to the products that we create, and in the technological innovations that we develop as we aim for sustainable growth.
Sustainability, especially with regards to respect for the environment, has always been an integral and transversal part of our business culture, capable of actively involving everybody. For us the reduction in environmental impact is an absolute value that translates into an equally absolute commitment in the complete life-cycle of our products, from research activities to production, from targeted projects to the everyday aspects of our office work.


If our values identify the way we are, the mission we have given ourselves guides our actions and describes our reason for being and for growing, namely a company with maximum technological leadershipDue to innovation and the ongoing improvement in our products and processes we are one of the world’s leading players in engines with a high level of technological excellence and performance.
Furthermore, due to our in-depth knowledge of markets and market segments we are able to offer all over the world technological solutions for any application, guided by the real needs of our final users. In doing so, we guarantee their satisfaction and that of our customers.
Our ability to anticipate stimuli from the marketplace enables us to offer them an efficient, fast and leading edge service, allowing us to grow and create value for all stakeholders, shareholders, employees, customers and final users.
In the name of future generations our growth can only be sustainable, so guaranteeing, through constant research, the conditions of economic and social wellbeing for the area  around the company and for the people that live there, limiting the impact we have on the environment. Pursuing these actions we demonstrate how we want to be seen by the world outside.


We have always led the market with technological decisions that aim to obtain high performance, low fuel consumption and low emission levels at one and the same time. Innovative decisions, such as Common Rail technology or CNG, and as the highly efficient SCR system is proving to be, recognized by  customers and competitors as successful decisions. We want to continue along this road in the future, namely our aim is to be a company capable of changing the rules of the game, a truly determined and tireless game changer.
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