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 Health and Safety and Environmental Protection at work | FPT Industrial

The commitment of FPT Industrial S.p.A. to safeguarding and promoting health and safety in the workplace, in every area of activity and in every country where it is present, is demonstrated by its adherence to the principles and instructions contained in the Health and Safety Guidelines. The key elements are:

  • management of risk through continuous analysis of critical areas and adoption of a preventive approach for all key activities
  • implementation of a management system that complies with the requirements of the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 international standard
  • continuous improvement in working conditions through comprehensive analysis and evaluation of risk, the formulation and implementation of corrective and preventive action plans and continuous monitoring of health and safety activities
  • monitoring and analysis of the causes of non-compliance, applying the tools contained in the Safety pillar of World Class Manufacturing, to ensure prevention of any recurrences
  • active involvement of all employees in the improvement process through comprehensive information and target training
  • promotion of conduct by employees oriented toward safety and prevention
  • involvement of suppliers, dealers and partners in improving health and safety in the workplace, including in their own area of activity.


For FPT Industrial S.p.A., environmental management means developing and implementing methods and practices around the world to achieve a steady and continuous reduction in the impact of production processes.

The Environmental Policy are based on an awareness of the fundamental role that large industrial groups play in ensuring the sustainable development of society and, in particular, in protecting the rights of future generations. As such, it contains specific commitments on the correct approach to environmental issues that are to be adopted by every individual and provide clear instructions on setting and updating environmental objectives, developing new products and the conduct of daily activities around the globe.


CNH Industrial Sustainability Report
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